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Gen 5 wants list!
Two Buis
Here is my wants list of gen 5 items. At the moment I collect only the Oshawott line, but I'm very interested in collecting Keldeo as well.

Oshawott line items
I would like to collect items of Oshawott's line, as I have fallen in love with this little ninja otter!


Zukan set with other starters

Attack keychain

Clipping figure

Oshawott car

Dewott items:

Samurott wants:

Attack diorama

Keldeo items:

Keldeo Resolution Ichiban kuji prize

Keldeo 3DS cover

Keldeo (both formes) Pokedolls

Keldeo Resolution forme Tomy (normal forme as well)

Keldeo Kids figures

Keldeo Pokecen plushes

Misc, plush:

Cobalion Pokedoll
Virizion Pokedoll

Misc, figures:

Reshiram Overdrive zukan

Stoutland clipping figure

Tepig clipping figure

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