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Buziel Pokecen
Friends only

I'll get some kind of spiffy image put up here, someday. Maybe.

If you want to be friends, comment here! Please say why you want to be friends, though. Random people I've never talked to before have friended me, and honestly, I think that's weird. So please, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. Thanks!


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I am a random weirdo and I want to friend you!! XD

The strangest stranger you will ever meet...;)

From the two minutes I've spent looking at your page, I decided you might appreciate this picture I found somewhere.

I'm not a stalker I swear I just liked your icon and clicked on your name and :C

Aww, that's so cute! Thanks a bunch for leaving it here for me. :D Two of my favorites! <3

LOL, it's all good. XD Was it my default B< Zangoose icon that you saw, or one of my others, just out of curiosity?

You're welcome. :3 It was the default Zangoose, I just don't see many Zangoose icons I guess.

Zangoose never gets any love! -sob-

I don't necessarily want to friend you (I don't even know you!) but I saw some of your Buizel plushes and I am embarrassingly jealous of you. They are ridiculously adorable! One day I will have some of my own.

Aww, well thank you! :3 They are all very adorable indeed. Luckily most Buizel plush aren't too hard to track down! I hope that you are able to build your own little Buizel collection, they are very satisfyinig to have around. The Pokedoll is my favorite. :D

I've been meaning to ask this for a while but wheeeeee umm... WANNA BE EL JAY FRIENDZ? xD

Of course! I wanted to ask, too, but I always feel shy about asking. xD

Yay! I'll add you now :3 Awe well it's all good, though I'm afraid my journal isn't very interesting. xD;

Hooray! That's fine, mine's not very interesting, either, even though I actually do use it fairly often. XP

I need to be more like that: I used to update daily and now it's only once in a while, but I really miss writing more often. n-n;

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