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Buziel Pokecen

My first time using a deputy service is a success!!! This was actually my last, bid, too, haha. I was so sure that I was going to lose at the end there.

Now I can go back to doing my I should...

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Nice! I've never seen that one come up before, and the others in the set seem to come up rarely too...

You should post to the comm when you get it in, I think people are pretty interested in those ^_^

I was planning on making a post for that very reason. :)

One showed up sometime last year, I think it was, and is in silverbuizel's possession. I was kind of surprised to see another one so soon, because it sounds like she had been looking for one for a long time.

It feels pretty cool to own something not a lot of others have hehe. I'm so excited. XD

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